My Wife Quit Her Job Website Finds Success

Since I’m very interested in ecommerce and online retail I tend to look for good blogs that talk about this particular aspect of the internet.  One of those sites is run by a fellow named Steve Chou and aptly titled  Like any reasonably minded husband, it was a goal to find a way for his wife Jennifer to stay at home with their young child, yet still find a way to generate some income.

An online store turned out to be a good fit for the couple and throughout the evolution of Bumblebee Linens, Steve has chronicled much of what they’ve learned about ecommerce on his blog. 

Recently Steve wrote a post that I think is well worth your time to read.  It talks about the time it’s taken to see become “successful” in monetary terms.  I personally think it was a success right from the start because  Steve took the time to share a lot of important topics and aspects of running an online business that has ended up helping a lot of people in the process.  In other words, he’s providing some much needed assistance to people who need it, and is now seeing some of the fruits of this effort.

For the rest of us who are trying to find success online, it’s important to note a few things that Steve mentioned in the article.

  1. Success didn’t happen overnight.  In fact, it didn’t happen in the first or second year.  It took a long time to gain good profitability from the work but persistence can pay off.
  2. He tried to hammer things out early on and nearly burned out.  A reasonable pace isn’t all bad.
  3. He’s not  just in it for the money.  In fact money is down the line.  You have to love what you write about in order to write about it consistently.
  4. He feels a sense of obligation and contribution.  It’s good to know when you write something it will get read and is appreciated.  And that only comes from putting out good stuff.
  5. He’s made some good money with affiliate marketing, google adsense, and other advertising platforms.  But here’s a twist.  He only shows adsense to new visitors from search.  Not his regular weekly viewers.
  6. He created a virtual course for people wanting to start an online store. This course is growing still and he supports it well.
  7. He collects emails with a 6 day mini course.
  8. And finally, he feels like he’s making a difference for people who need help.

You can’t beat the lessons learned from Steve’s experience.  It shows that you can never give up if you truly want to do something good and share it with others.  If you stay with it, keep working it, discover what people really want and need, educate yourself on solid online marketing priciples and promotion, and write…a lot.  You too could see success down the road. 

It takes faith as you can see.  And a lot of action.  But faith without action isn’t worth much when all is said and done.

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